PT. Fajar Eka Indotama (PT. FEI) is Company established in Jakarta, based on Deed No. 45 dated June 12, 2002 and affiliated with Furnace Engineering Inc.”of work experience in conducting and a combination of maintenance and“ increased reliability in the petrochemical industry.

PT. Fajar Eka Indotama (PT. FEI) has carried out a lot of Planning and Development Construction in various Petrochemical and Power Plant companies such as BP Companies. Petrochemical in 2005, PT. Unggul Indah Cahaya in 2005, PT. Merak Energi Indonesia in 2011. Commitment We provide services for customers with better conditions, Competitive and mutual benefit. And aligning business growth increasing to ensure business continuity by placing human resources as a company asset that we provide as an effective service and personnel quality control has significant experience to meet the specific activities. needs of our clients and our main focus in carrying out the work is safety for achieving an incident-free workplace at any time and added value through our business activities include engineering, construction, and other work.

As well as to demonstrate the superiority of compliance and control we have developed a quality management system documentation.
Furthermore, in 2019 the development of a broader effort focused and specialist Our company name changed to PT Fajar Eka Youone, which means with the banner of a new beginning and of welcoming you as the only and best customer like the rising morning sun, based on Deed No.5 dated 11 September 2019. With the change of name, PT. Fajar Eka Youone is a company engaged in a long and distinguished specialists in Spherical Tank and Service Sole Agency for Isolation Hyperlite, which serves Medium and Large, both private and public.
PT. FAJAR EKA YOUONE (FEY) has vision and mission based on the founding and development direction of the company in the future.

Vision : Make FEY as believable technique service firm and best from product quality aspect, human resource quality and company in the future.

Mission : Develop and implement a reliable excellent service

Classification Segment Further develop the professionalism of the classification of services according to international standards in order to participate safeguard ensuring the safety of lives, objects and environments